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Goal : Preventing new HIV infections, reducing vulnerability among the infected and affected population, fighting against stigmatization of HIV positive population and key population, and promoting Voluntarily HIV Testing and Counseling.

Activities : Across different programs, the organization heads its HIV/AIDs interventions with education on how to prevent oneself against HIV, sexual and reproductive health and rights, how and why an infected should not contaminate others, and on what is still accessible by the infected person. The education further reaches the community for the destigmatization process, and HIV services provision to the HIV-infected population.

FXB Rwanda also puts effort in supporting the infected and affected population to gain the resilience needed. Normally, the affected and infected population face increased vulnerability due to hardships in dealing with the pandemic and continuous reply to health and community needs. Organization helps them to increase their resilience in this process by ensuring the interventions that reduce this vulnerability.

FXB Rwanda also conduct the community-based pandemic assessment, refer the on-risk beneficiary for testing and clinical support, and ensure treatment adherence for those who are positive.


FXB has reached 1,000,904 people in the domain of HIV/AIDS prevention with HIV prevention messaging, Voluntarily HIV testing and Counseling, psychosocial support, referring and linkages with clinical services for a proper follow-up.

FXB Rwanda distributed 1,035,000 condoms to beneficiaries to prevent new HIV/AIDS infections and unwanted pregnancies. 163,000 youth have been reached with sexual reproductive health and rights education through school or community based channels. 184 peer educators were capacitated to support their colleagues around HIV prevention best practices. The advocacy and communication to destigmatize the key population are also delivered.

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