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Health, Nutrition and WASH


Rwanda has made significant progress in the fight against malnutrition as the stunting rate among children has decreased from 44% in 2010 to 33% in 2020, however this rate is still high. The severe malnutrition causes irreversible damages and serious consequences in adulthood. There is an extricable link between nutrition and WASH as well as health.

Goal : Improve the nutritional status of families, especially children under five, pregnant and lactate women. Help vulnerable families in improving health capacities, both educational and financial one in living improved health. Enable the target beneficiaries with improved Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene practices.

Activities : FXB Rwanda provide support to the family beneficiaries in nutrition. The cooking demonstrations are organized in collaboration with health facilities to provide education needed for the targeted to improve nutritional practices. The families with children and/or women in malnutrition are helped to graduate from it.

In WASH, the organization provides the hygienic kits and education to improve the hygiene practices in the homes of the beneficiaries.

In Health, the beneficiaries are helped with back up in finances especially through paying the health insurance, or medical care expenses. The beneficiaries also get trained on how to behave regarding prevention of different diseases.


FXB Rwanda’s approach consists in educating beneficiaries on positive hygiene, nutrition, and health habits. They are provided with trainings to equip them with skills and knowledge that help them adopt positive behaviors.

177,585 children have been followed and monitored to improve their nutritional status. An approximate of 70,210 lactating and pregnant women have been trained on preparing a balanced diet and improve the nutritional status of their families. 140,727 population were reached with WASH interventions including the provision of kits for hygiene improvements as well getting messages and education on how to improve such practices

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