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About FXB Rwanda


FXB Rwanda started its work in 1995 under FXB International created in 1989. In 2012, FXB Rwanda was registered as a local Non-Governmental Organization and continued to be affiliated to FXB International.

Right in 1995, the organisation started implementing the programs which were to back economically the vulnerable families specifically due to increased vulnerabilities resulting from Genocide. FXB Rwanda partnered with government of Rwanda and other stakeholders in the process of helping the community and the country to recover from these effects.

With the time going, FXB Rwanda found it vital to extend its interventions adding up nutrition, education, WASH, health care as well as early childhood development interventions in the lines of FXB vision of creating world fit for children through combating with poverty and availing needed support in the mentioned areas.

FXB Rwanda has so far successfully implemented around 50 programs with in diverse aforementioned areas of interventions. Through its implemented programs, FXB Rwanda has directly or indirectly reached more than 2.5 million of beneficiaries all across Rwanda with its interventions.

FXB Rwanda targets HIV affected and/or infected Orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) and their households, at HIV risk Adolescents Girls and Young Women (AGYW), key population as well as general population at HIV risk with HIV interventions . The organization also targets poor families with economic empowerment interventions. The nutrition and WASH interventions are designated to beneficiaries with nutrition needs (both capacity building and material support needs) as well as the families with unimproved sanitary practices. The target beneficiaries do also include the families with children in early childhood to empower their families with capabilities of supporting effectively their children in early childhood stages.

To attain highest impacts, FXB Rwanda collaborates with different stakeholders : national line ministries ; local leaders ; community based structures like community health workers, community parasocial workers, community peer educators, community based volunteers, Friends of Family ‘Inshuti z’Umuryango’, and non-governmental actors.

FXB Rwanda In Action

The FXB support came as a response to this humanitarian crisis to provide solutions to the needy people. From 1995 onward, FXB Rwanda reached more than two and a half million community members and beneficiaries, children and families living in poverty and/or infected & affected by HIV/AIDS.

Mission & Vision

FXB Rwanda’s mission is to address the root causes of poverty as means of securing children’s rights to survive, grow and develop.

Our vision in FXB Rwanda is to create a world fit for children by empowering vulnerable communities.



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