At the closing ceremony of Gikuriro project on August 26, 2020; Nyanza residents have shown satisfaction after being given access to clean water, hygiene, and sanitation services.

More than 57 households in Nyanza District have accessed clean water in a five-year Gikuriro project funded by USAID, implemented by Catholic Relief Services and Netherland Development Organisation (SNV) through Association Francois-Xavier Bagnoud (FXB).

Generally, the project built a 13 kilometers’ pipeline, 4 hand-washing facilities, 16 water kiosks, 40 water springs and beneficiaries were supported to improve their sanitation and hygiene behaviors . These activities were conducted together with the campaign to fight against malnutrition and stunting among under-five children, all worth Rwf500 Million.

More than 400 health clubs have been created to promote hygiene and empower the beneficiaries through saving groups which saved up to Rwf200 Million and run small income-generating activities.

Eugenie Uwamahoro, a resident from Mukingo Sector in Nyanza District said before it was not easy to find clean water and they fetched from marshlands.

“Some children dropped out of schools. We could send them to bring water in the morning and they get back in the evening because of the long line of people coming from far to find clean water,” she said.

Besides, the dirty water was the source of hygiene-related diseases which was among the main cause of malnutrition and stunting among children, she added.

“We appreciate the effort of Gikuriro Project in our households. It is a starting point of a better life,” she happily said.

Emmanuel Habyarimana the Director of FXB Rwanda appreciated the good collaboration between his organization, SNV, and Catholic Relief Services which helped them to reach the targeted results.

“I would like to thank local leaders as well. Without them, these activities would not be possible,” he said.

He urged residents to take care of the infrastructures built and profit them to ameliorate their social well being.

“You have been taught how to fight malnutrition and hygiene among others. Please keep using these skills,” he said.