Today, together with Muhanga district FXB Rwanda celebrated organized the celebration of the “International rural women’s day” with its beneficiaries which celebrated every year on 15th of October. This is for the 24th time that we celebrate this day in Rwanda as a way of showing and telling rural women that they also have value and they have a lot to do and contribute for their development and for the country.

FXB Rwanda beneficiaries testified how their lives changed as an encouragement to other women on how they should also fight for the good impact. Seraphine Nyirakanani on the left side of the picture testified how she used the saving money and started doing tailoring business where she even now win district tailoring bides. Sandrine Nticyorireba on the right side said how her behavior changed after joining FXB Rwanda program, where she was a female sex worker but now she no longer do it, but have started to do small businesses and ready to raise her kids well.

FXB Rwanda beneficiaries also highlighted their economic development since they joined the saving and lending groups. Some bought goats, hens, rabbits… as a way of starting rearing businesses. Not only that, but they are also happy that through the saving groups now they have started using online saving technologies as a way of integrating themselves in the digital world.

The vice-mayor concluded the event by thanking the women, reminding them that this day is meant for them to profit from the value that they have been give back and encouraging them to take the lead in everything they think is meant for men. He encouraged them keep-doing income generating activities rather than keep themselves in home activities, which do not pay them. He ended calling them to participate in the future elections to come because we need more women in leadership.