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Evaluation of city of Paris funded FXBVILLAGES programs

In 2018, the City of Paris commissioned Le Group’ – Consultants Mutualisés Experts du Secteur Solidaire (France) to conduct an evaluation of all FXBVillage programs supported by the City of Paris in Rwanda since 2006. These programmes have led 5,423 people affected and/or infected by HIV/AIDS to economic and social autonomy.

This evaluation shows that:

100% of children have access to a quality education.Automatic word wrap
100% of beneficiaries living with HIV/AIDS have access to adequate health services (7.6% of participants versus a national HIV prevalence of 3%), adherence to treatment is very good and cases lost to follow-up are rare.Automatic word wrap
0% of cases of malnutrition were found and 80.5% of families maintain the cultivation of a vegetable garden, notably for self-consumption, beyond the duration of the project.Automatic word wrap
The survey conducted among People Living With HIV (PLWHIV) beneficiaries revealed a very high level of satisfaction with the support provided by FXB teams for their economic development.


An external evaluation of the FXBVillage program conducted by the Human Sciences Research Council (South Africa) in 2007 in Rwanda found that 86% of beneficiaries are still living above the poverty line four years after leaving the programme. 97% are still operating their original income-generating activity. Their children go to school regularly, longer and perform better than their peers.

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