Empowering AGYW through education support is one of DREAMS interventions, it focus on provision of education support and thus providing conducive envirnoment for AGYW study well.

It not only provide education dues but also provide other packages including sexual consent sessions,life skills and sexual reproduction sessions given by trained mentors in safe spaces,enabling reduction of HIV new infections/AIDS.

Phionah UWIZEYIMANA is a daughter of Karangwa Faustine and Muhoracyeye Christine residents of Busasamana sector Nyanza cell Gakenyeri B Village.Phionah is one of DREAMS beneficiary. When DREAMS enrolled her in 2018 she has 14 years old. She lived with her mother&father and 3 siblings in vulnerable situation.

“I am the second child in my family. At 12 years old, I complited P6 and I was supposed to join secondary level but because my family had little money they choose to send my brother because they feared that if he doesn’t join school would turn into vagabond. At that point, I had to leave school and stayed with my parents helping them in domestic works.

Like others Phionah was identified during DREAMS screening of beneficiaries exercise in 2018, and later on she was found fulfilling the criteria’s and was enrolled in the program where she was helped to go back to school after two years dropped sitting at home

In 2018“Mummy got information from local leaders informing her that there was a Nongovernmental organisation commonly known as UMUSHINGA in local language as they say. She was told that it helps younger Women and Girls to re-join schools and others needs, I went to the venue where they were registering needed information and lucky enough after like three weeks I was called and they asked me if I would wish to go back to school I replied yes. That’s how I was blessed to see myself back to school after two years at home. Now am in S2 had it not been Covid 19 I would have been in S3 and a candidate” she added.

Before DREAMS interventions in Nyanza District, Phionah stayed at home because she had failed to enrol in secondary school because of financial difficulties her family was facing. Lonely without hope, struggling with poverty and heavy work at home and she did know what would follow, being selected by DREAMS helped her to regain hope as it is evidenced in the pictures with her mother.

“My dreams are to become a doctor once I finish my studies and am striving to study intensively to see my dreams become reality” Phionah smiled
Parents are now happy because their daughter who used to always keep quite because she had dropped schooling is now happy.Umushinga did a great job. Parents narrated

“I am thankful for USAID TURENGERE ABANA/DREAMS for all the support especially to support me with school feeding dues and other scholastic materials, the life skills sessions and sexual reproductive knowledge given to me and continuous Mentorship conducted by mentors and staff” Phionah concluded.