Yankurije Euphrasie from Nyagisozi sector in Nyanza district, is among our FXB Rwanda new beneficiaries who enrolled in TVET, in tailoring. Euphrasie is a teen mom aged 17years old, living in miserable life conditions with her baby, her six siblings and their mother. After the imprisonment of their father, their mother could not afford education for her children and Euphrasie ended up being a drop out while she was still in primary school.

When she started participating in FXB Rwanda program, her life started changing. Through different kinds of support, which also include training beneficiaries on SRHR in safe space, Euphrasie integrated herself again in the society. She met her peers whom they share different life skills and inspirations because meeting in safe spaces makes them end up being good friends to each other. “I have been educated on how to not have an unplanned pregnancy anymore, because I have to say no to what I don’t want and make right life decision for myself,” Said Euphrasie.

FXB Rwanda also do home visits to the beneficiaries, to know more about their lives and to do advocacy for them whenever needed. “When we visited Euphrasie, we found that her living conditions with her baby and her family were not favorable. Their house was highly damaged and they could not afford to move out to another,” said FXB Rwanda volunteer.

The FXB Rwanda DREAMS Ambassador in Nyanza district, together with the field officer and FXB Rwanda volunteers started advocating for Euphrasie on sector level, so she can get a new home. The carried advocacy got impact and few days later a fundraising was made to get money to build adequate house for Euphrasie and her family members.

“I used to ask myself what I will do to get a better living with my baby, but when I started acquiring tailoring skills, I thank FXB Rwanda that supported me and made me realize how my life was meaningful. Before it was hard to get clothes, but now I can make simple clothes for me and my family with the skills I am getting.” She continues that, she was so glad to see how FXB Rwanda’s staff advocated for her to get a better home. “Many people had seen us living in this conditions and did not do anything about it, when FXB staff began advocating for me and when I started seeing construction activities kicking off that is when I believed that things are real.” Said Euphrasie smiling. She also added that the advocacy also helped them receiving support of food.

Now Euphrasie’s dream is to use well the education support she got from FXB Rwanda and focus much on her tailoring education for her to become a successful tailor and make a good living for her, her baby and with her family.