To ensure constant and regular income that will guide beneficiaries to self-reliance and take good care of their families


Poverty obstructs all spheres of life: Health, Nutrition, Sanitation and many more. It is a multifaceted issue that also affects the psychosocial well-being and worsens the vulnerability. Rwandan economy has impressively advanced as indicated by the statistics. The economic growth is averaged at 7.5% over the decade to 2018, while per capita growth domestic product (GDP) grew at 5% annually. However, the poverty rate is still high, more than 30% live in extreme poverty according to the latest statistics.


The economic empowerment is one of the key pillar of FXB Rwanda’s methodology as it guarantees the sustainability of its programs. The beneficiaries are trained on income generating activities development and savings. Through savings groups they learn how to save, small-credit management and development of collective income generating activities.

More than 150,000 direct beneficiaries have been reached by economic development programs through savings groups, trainings and start-up capital funding