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Economic Empowerment


Goal : To ensure constant and regular income for beneficiaries to on go leaving the poverty. Ensuring that the beneficiaries adopt the best consumption practices and engage in saving practices to secure their hope regarding future finances.

Activities : the beneficiaries are firstly helped with the literacy on different economic aspects including financial literacy, income generating activities management and diversification, business development among others.

FXB Rwanda also accelerates the saving spirit among beneficiaries by supporting the saving and lending groups. Through saving and lending groups, the beneficiaries develop the practice of regularly save, as well as having access to loans that help them back in sustaining their income generating activities.

The beneficiaries are also provided with financial backup in their business ideas implementation. The support gets provided regarding the business type run by the beneficiaries and is either through saving group to increase self-saving portion and/or directly to the beneficiary. The created income generating activities from this support also are followed up to ensure their success.


More than 223,212 direct beneficiaries have been reached by economic development programs through savings groups, trainings and start-up capital funding. 1,500 saving and lending groups were managed and supported. The saving groups are maintained to sustain even after our programs and hoped to engage in other economic activities to the extent of graduating into cooperatives.

The organization works with local leaders, banks, microfinances to ensure that beneficiaries under economic empowerment intervention do access further support whenever needed.

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