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Climate Change and Environment Conservation


Goal : Contributing to climate change challenges addressing especially to vulnerable population, and natural environment protection.

Activities : to achieve the aforementioned goal, the organization implements the initiatives that primarily deal with the impacts which were caused by the climate change. This is more of backing the population especially the vulnerable population which was affected by climate change through helping them with economic strengthening as well as health related interventions

Moreover, FXB Rwanda implements the activities which aim at adapting to climate change. The investment is made in the agricultural infrastructure like irrigation structures for the targeted beneficiaries with the end result of making the targeted community resilient enough to the climate change.

FXB Rwanda implements the initiatives with environment protection end result seeking where through the collaboration with partner schools and community agencies and actors, the initiatives like those of planting trees that contribute to environment conservation get implemented. The climate education and public awareness are furthered to different community members including in-schools and out-of-schools to assure the community remains sensitized and behaves in an environment-friendly way.

The involvement in water management is done through infrastructure building and provision for water harvesting and proper management so that the resources are used efficiently to mitigate the impacts of climate change. The waste management techniques are also reflected on to keep hygiene among the beneficiaries and contributing to protection of the environment.


Since its implementation, the total of 389,754 population including in-school as well as out-of-school reached with climate change and environment conservation interventions including sensitization on best practices and behaviors towards the environment protection and waste management, their backing in remaining resilient against climate change as well as dealing with the climate change impacts. The total of 3,000 trees were planted while more than 50 clubs of environment got supported.

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